M-buster anti-mold stickers

M-buster anti-mold stickers

Model No.︰5050E

Brand Name︰Girba M-buster

Country of Origin︰Taiwan, China

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M-Buster Anti-Mold sticker


Major Ingredients of the Anti-Mold Agent:
Major ingredients of the Anti-Mold Agent are mainly from garlic, grape seed oil, citronella, sunflower, pepper, - - etc. Together with other special herbal preparations which contain multiple natural essences of plants, they are uniquely extracted and fermented using biotechnological techniques and then blending multiple herbal essential oils to produce our Anti-Mold Agent. Natural and non-toxic, it is completely different from but superior to conventional chemically refined compounds.



The Underlying Principle:
The science behind M-BUSTER series of anti-mold agent and desiccant: M-BUSTER desiccant is enclosed in an air-tight container; the desiccant agent adsorbs and holds particles of water in the container for the purpose of dehumidifying. The anti-mold agent which is constructed with a special molecular structure of alkenes carbon chain has a remarkable penetrating power so can promptly invade the outer cell wall of a microorganism and enter the cell wall to destroy it. Then N.P.K. and many essential elements which are required by other cells are dissolved. Consequently the molds and other bacteria in the container are all destroyed, so the article can be preserved for a much longer period in the container.




1. The anti-mold agents volatilize and completely surround the protected objects in their packaging environment, which will inhibit or eradicate the growth of mold, bacteria and some pests. The agent does not mix with, or contact the protected objects, is clean and leaves no residue on the protected objects.


2. Our anti-mold agent is derived from various plants using biotechnology, it is not conventional chemically refined compounds of mold inhibitor, bactericide, pesticide, antiseptic; thus, it is nontoxic, safe and environmental friendly.


3. The small chip, which is extremely simple and convenient to use, is powerful and effective mold prevention, and can simply be packed loose in a container (a bag, a case or a box) to meet various anti-mold requirements. Besides, our anti-mold chip is designed to easy tearing. Counting and dispatching for production and it saves labor and is extremely simple and convenient to use.


4. Our anti-mold chip is originally a food-grade mold prevention product, compliant with USA FDA regulation 21CFR175.300 and with European Union directive 2002/72/EC (90/128/EEC).



Leatherwear, shoes, woodenware, garments, electronics, optical devices, machine parts, consumer products, military instruments, and etc.



1.      Identify the shipping and storage conditions and determine the proper specifications of anti-mold chip required for safe protection, and then select the proper chip for packaging processing.


2.      We recommend testing under controlled conditions, which differ from customer to customer, so as to optimize the mold prevention results.



Size: 50*50mm; 2000pcs/Roll; 10Rolls/Box;
Net weight: 1500gram/Roll.

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