wal-mark troubless anti-mold sticker

wal-mark troubless anti-mold sticker

Model No.︰5*5|2.5*5cm|

Brand Name︰troubless|GIRBA

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 56.5 / pc

Minimum Order︰5 pc

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Product Description

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How does the TROUBLESS Anti-Mold Chip work

The anti-mold chips best work under the unven-tiated environment.It decomposes the proteins of the microbial spores,thus the mold/fungus cannot be formed,which protects the materials from the erosion of bacteria

The chips penetrate the cell membrance of the mold,and breaks down the proteins and the nucleus of NPK(carbon phosphorus and potas-sium)of the mold/fungus.

Thus,the anti-mold chips have stimulated once the unventilated environment,the mold/fungus will no longer existed,and without the fresh air comes in,all the conditions remains unventi-lated; the material can be perfectly saved as fresh as promised.

The composition of the TROUBLESS Anti-Mold Chip

Sunflower,camphorpepper,mustard,garlic,grape seedoil,citronella...

Anti-mold sticker is made from the extraction of plants natural essential oils through special processing(high,pressure,vibration,fermentation,ect.)then allowing it to adsorb in the anti-mold chip& sticker's inner.

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