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microgarde anti-mold chips

  • microgarde anti-mold chips
  • microgarde anti-mold chips
Model No.︰50*50mm| 1000pc
Brand Name︰microgarde Girba micro-pak
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 21.8 / pc
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description
HongKong Girba Chemical Limited   All rights Reserved:
Main Products: Anti-mold chips,  Anti-microbial,  Flower Umbrella, Micro-Pak, M-buster, WASAOURO, Waterproof Agent, Container Desiccants, Silica Gel, Clay and Hardware accessories (Only for shoes、clothes、handbags and furnishings), More details please visit:

MICROGARDE was made by the company which certificated U.S. standard of ISO9001 production, ingredients that can be recycled low density food grade polyethylene (LDEP),
the product release chlorine dioxide, in transit for footwear and other leather products and packaging to provide complete protection,  so that can keep products fresh and clean.


MICROGARDE advantages:

1, effective against fungi

2, safe and harmless to the user

3, will not harm the environment

4, according to the surrounding temperature and humidity to control the release of anti-microbial

5, just lightly touch, then can play an anti-mold function

6, keeping the shoes smell fresh





MICROGARDE in any environment, including raw materials, shoe box, carton, container, can effectively eliminate mold, both in the factory, or left the warehouse, the effect still exists. Therefore, MICROGARDE is undoubtedly the best product for protecting footwear and other leather goods. MICROGARDE does not harm the environment, the durable, affordable.

leather products, footwear, wood products, garments, electronic components, optical equipment, mechanical parts, food and so on.



1 estimate the demand for protection products, packaging size, and then tear off the appropriate MICROGARDE, put together items bag (box), the packed together (Example: 1 / man shoe) 

2. As each factory condition is different, we recommend our customers to get the best from the actual test effectiveness. 

Size: 50x50mm, 1000 pieces / roll; 10 rolls / box.
Net weight: 2000gram/Roll
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