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Wasaouro anti-mold chip

  • Wasaouro anti-mold chip
  • Wasaouro anti-mold chip
  • Wasaouro anti-mold chip
Model No.︰50*50mm|2000pcs
Brand Name︰wasaouro | girba
Country of Origin︰Japan
Unit Price︰US $ 22 / pc
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description
HongKong Girba Chemical Limited   All rights Reserved:
Main Products: Anti-mold chips,  Anti-microbial,  Flower Umbrella, Micro-Pak, M-buster, WASAOURO, Waterproof Agent, Container Desiccants, Silica Gel, Clay and Hardware accessories (Only for shoes、clothes、handbags and furnishings), More details please visit:

WASAOURO using Japan food-grade technology, this product is currently made by GW Industrial Co., Ltd. from Taiwan as global agency. 

Introduction:What’s the WASAOURO: WASAOURO is WASABI, MUSTARD, HORSERADISH and other plants to extract the essential oil, [WASA] representatives [WASABI], OURO In Portuguese the meaning of gold, which represents  [horseradish treasure], in Japan WASAOURO has long been used in food preservation and the preservation,which has very strong effect , only low concentrations of bacteria that is a strong role, in Japan and the United States Biochemical Research Institute have identified WASAOURO for the current generation of the world's most reliable and effective suppression of anti-microbial.



Major role and specifications: 

WASAOURO stickers and WASAOURO drops: killing mold spores inside and outside of  shoes and shoe box.


WASAOURO STICKERS: 50*50mm; 2000pcs/Roll; 22Rolls/Carton;
WASAOURO ROPS: 500ML/ aluminum bottles (with 2 nozzles); 2 bottles/Carton;  


Leather products, footwear, furniture, wood products, garments, electronic components, optical equipment, mechanical parts, food and so on.  



Please use the " WASAOURO STICKERS " and " WASAOURO DROPS" together, then can play a full effect! WASAOURO with a strong penetrating, in order to damage mold spores and let it do not grow. Each box contains 22 rolls stickers and 2 bottles drops. When use them, tear off one piece of stickers and put in the shoe box, and then open the drops and put on the nozzle, and spray a second to box or sticker, close the lid wait for shipment. Do not open the lid before shipment to avoid mildew failure. 






Special Information: 

Effect of the stickers is lower than drops; its main role is as a carrier for WASAOURO drops. WASAOURO drops is high-precision volatility, high penetration of liquid fungicides, it is food grade, edible green products. When WASAOURO drops spray to WASAOURO stickers, due to its high strength penetrating it will quickly into the WASAOURO stickers, and thus control the evaporation rate, extending the preservation time.
WASAOURO drops also can spray into the waste paper or other carriers, but not as good as stickers, therefore, we recommend that customers use stickers and drops together to achieve their best efficiency.


Note: Order WASAOURO product, we will provide nozzles, the European standard NE149 protective glasses and masks and other protective equipment operation (WASAOURO liquid with irritating odor, do not straight to the mouth and nose and eyes, avoid causing discomfort).
The WASAOURO with plastic bottles or alcohol taste are blended products, not the original liquid, we hope customers buying carefully, any question please contacts our company at
Payment Terms︰LC
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