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  • micro-pak
  • micro-pak
  • micro-pak
Model No.︰50*25MM|2000PCS
Brand Name︰micro-pak
Country of Origin︰Hong Kong S.A.R
Unit Price︰US $ 75 / pc
Minimum Order︰5 pc
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Product Description
Micro-Pak Anti-Mold chips/stickers
MICRO-PAK composition is can be recycled food-grade concentrations of low-density polyethylene (LDPE), each roll products are sealed with vacuum paper bags.

MICRO-PAK series using sustained-release technology, the effect of continuing kill mold is significant, environmentally friendly and efficient.
Products are fully comply with American Society for Testing and Materials d4576-86 (1996 approved)standards, the provided antibacterial and antifungal agents also fully consistent with American Society for Testing and Materials d4576-86 (1996 approved) testing standards for resistance to mildew.

When the air or moisture in high humidity. Moisture will enter the MICRO-PAK, the dry solid-state reaction triggered to produce chlorine dioxide, inhibit microbial contamination, and to control peculiar smell. 

MICRO-PAK effective against mold, mildew resistance; and reduce waste and garbage and will not harm the environment, keep the products smell fresh ; in any environment, including raw materials, shoe boxes, cartons, containers which can effectively eliminate mold. Products can determine the environment humidity and temperature, and automatically adjust the amount of anti-microbial releasing, so MICRO-PAK is the best choice to protect the shoes and other products.
MICRO-PAK characteristics and uses: 

1, Appearance: MICRO-PAK is a white scaly crystal, slightly spicy flavor, Weight (2000) 1.37, melting point 103-10400, the boiling point 19300, soluble in alcohol, ether, chloroform and other solvents, slightly soluble in water. 


2, Advantages: MICRO-PAK uses the current most popular materials, which is an efficient broad-spectrum, safe, inexpensive and so on. MICRO-PAK can inhibit more than 30 kinds of molds and yeasts, its overall antibacterial antifungal properties superior to other similar products, its overall antibacterial antifungal properties superior to other similar products, and not impact of PH value.It has a strong biological activity, can use to sublimation and a fumigation, its toxicity is low, and with good reproducibility.

3, Uses: Widely used in food, medicines, leather shoes, furniture, handicrafts, textiles, paper, library materials, film and tape and so on. 
MICRO-PAK instructions:

1. Open the bag and remove the MICRO-PAK.

2 .At last packaging tear off one or more MICRO-PAK and affixed to the box.

3. After sealing the product, do not re-open.

4. Please sealed the unused stickers with plastic bags.
5. All the chips must be stored in dry, shade place, avoiding direct sunlight.  


Size: 25 * 50mm; 2000 pcs / Roll; 10 Rolls / Box
Net weight: 2000 gram / Roll.
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