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food grade container desiccant DS1000

  • food grade container desiccant DS1000
  • food grade container desiccant DS1000
Model No.︰DS1000|12pcs
Brand Name︰GIRBA
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 5.2 / pc
Minimum Order︰12 pc
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Product Description
Dry Sac 1000/Container Desiccant
The main material of Girba container desiccant are food grade calcium chloride, this desiccants are environmental friendly and can be completely degraded after use. Girba container desiccants through the EU REACH, DMF testing and conform for the export requirements.

Girba desiccant’s shelf life can last 18-months, packaging materials using the U.S. DuPont (Tyvek) one-side absorbent paper, while in the absorption of water vapor and can firmly lock in moisture and prevent leakage. As the product raw materials add food grade thickener, so absorb water will become gelatinous and reduce the common desiccant leakage, reverse osmosis and other defects, the goods will be protected perfectly.

The company's products use patented packaging, it can absorb moisture at a full range of the air and up to 200% of its own weight at least (laboratory: 280%), its effects more than normal desiccants 10 times , and continue to absorb moisture lasting 60 days, guarantee the customer's goods arriving in perfect condition.


Feature Description:

1. Size: 82 * 14 * 3cm
2. patented packaging, product's  size exactly in line with the container, not prominent, not affect cargo loading.


3. products with a hook, when use it hanging on the ring of the container, without the box, easy to operate. Dry Sac's only difference with Dry Pole is no packaging box. If the goods are more full on both sides, covering the product surface moisture, you can also put it above on the cargo after the goods loaded, the product will not affect the water absorption effects.


4. Dry Pole 1000 contians 100g * 10 packets, multi-faceted fully absorb the moisture, the packaging use DuPont tyvek and non-woven and box, net weight 1 kg, absorption up to 220%.


5. This product can provide OEM sevice.


6. Products are individually wrapped, the remaining products do not damage the plastic bag, placed in a cool dry place to, shelf life:  18 months.


7. Product Use Scope:

Furniture, handicrafts, wood products and other raw materials including water products, shoes, handbags, luggage and other leather, PU leather; metal products; paper products; protein powder, flour, rice and other food; rattan, willow products, straw products, etc. Any other question, please contact customer service.
This product  does not contain any heavy metals, DMF and other toxic substances, and through various environmental certificate reports!  

Size: 82 * 14 * 3cm; 12pcs / carton; individually wrapped, no box, with a hook, net weight 1,000 grams. 

Remark: This product without packaging box, but ensure the original high-moisture absorption, high quality and low price and high security. this product  is easy to package, it is be favorited by foreign customers . The company promises: OEM product design for free, while enjoying the VIP price, if interested, please contact us!

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