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furniture desiccants

  • furniture desiccants
  • furniture desiccants
Model No.︰DS10g|500pcs
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 0.078 / pc
Minimum Order︰500 pc
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Product Description
Furniture, sofa desiccant analytical of usage 
The main material of Girba container desiccant are food grade calcium chloride, this desiccants are environmental friendly and can be completely degraded after use. Girba container desiccants through the EU REACH, DMF testing and conform for the export requirements.

Girba desiccant’s shelf life can last 18-months, packaging materials using the U.S. DuPont (Tyvek) one-side absorbent paper, while in the absorption of water vapor and can firmly lock in moisture and prevent leakage. As the product raw materials add food grade thickener, so absorb water will become gelatinous and reduce the common desiccant leakage, reverse osmosis and other defects, the goods will be protected perfectly.

The company's products use patented packaging, it can absorb moisture at a full range of the air and up to 200% of its own weight at least (laboratory: 280%), its effects more than normal desiccants 10 times , and continue to absorb moisture lasting 60 days, guarantee the customer's goods arriving in perfect condition.
1. The raw materials: NT company produce leather sofa, but all sofa's back use PU leather; Wood inside use solid wood and interlayer board, filling raw materials use high density sponge.
To understand the above information, we can find out why sofa's back moldy serious, mainly because the PU leather rich in nutrition diversity, after suitable for bacterium is progenitive; In addition the humidity tester gallows inspection of raw materials water content up to 18%, the average moisture content is beyond the normal range 12%, and in some combination of interlayer board materials, part of moisture content is up to 34%- 36%, plywood high moisture content is very normal, because the plywood's inside can store a lot of water, the same between sponge will be influenced by the environment humidity affect.
2. The production environment: the processing zone, the area of 8000 square meters workshop, open air liquidity is strong. Due to the south, so high humidity of the air in a certain extent affect the products moisture content of raw materials rose.
3. Container quality: solemnly points out the importance of the container, many customers choose are not care much about the shipping company send in the container, but in fact it is affecting the whole cargo container quality of a security risk. Mainly for the two points:
1) container closure: method of inspection, standing inside the container, call a person close the container door and check if there is light, mainly is near the door into the part, if there is light, inform the shipping company change another container, because the door's pads damage can lead to the transport process come into lots of moisture, such as some container landed and open the doors we can see it is "rainning" in the container.
2) container wood floor: usually don't care about the influence of wooden floor, but if the wood floor moisture content of more than 25%, had better not use. After container use, generally will do cleaning, such wooden floor can absorb a lot of water, although sometimes surface drying, but internal water content is 50% above, so when use, must be examined it carefully.
4. Stock time: raw materials, packaging , production and installed counters assembly line production, won't have inventory of time. Such as long stock time, the environment also can bring adverse impact.
5. Desiccant: current customers use silicon desiccant, 30-50 g/bag, the method of use is finished product packaging, with placed on the seat. Single seat sofa per 50 g, 6 bags 30g silicon per two seats sofa, and 8-10 bags 30g silicon per three seats sofa .
Analysis: sofa, the most serious moldy lies mainly in essence to understand. Mold breeding at breakneck speed, in 10 hours can make products tainted metamorphism, produce mould spoilage, the most suitable for the two conditions mold breeding is: 35 temperature+ humidity (75% +).
This analysis shows that raw materials with high water content, when shipping under sunlight lead to tempreture inside rising fast, and the water come out from the raw materials, and make a good condition for molds and help them grow and cause the sofa moldy serious.
Silica gel desiccant although can absorb moisture absorption, but about 15%-20%, and valid only for short time, according to test, the environment temperature more than 38 , the water coming out from silica gel.
Our advice is: in the raw material purchasing, quality strictly, to control material moisture content, and less as far as possible or not use splint materials. Sponge on dry place, prevent the enclosed space in the air to the influence of water circulation. If conditions allow, as far as possible in the warehouse add wet machine to ensure that raw materials in the low humidity environment. Check the container, and avoid the quality morning, dusk, rainy day, and at the time of loading for air humidity is big, also can produce certain effect.
Recommend: DS25 g desiccant products, the product bibulous rate reached 220%, sustainable 60 days, dupont, one-way wrapped absorbing water and water, prevent the permeability lock cause secondary effects. Using the method of internal and external and governance, first in product packets sponges and cover the nail when desiccant on the gallows, don't early use, avoid waste, an average of two bag/seat, then in the product packaging, according 1 bag/seat put it in the packing, reload the ark.
Because time is of the essence, the customer raw materials can't change in time, but according to our suggest using container desiccant, in our guarantee won't appear too big loss promise, customer delivery test, the goods when landed, Japanese inspection personnel information feedback, 80% of the products are no abnormalities, only a few local mildewy, but has sofa won't caused heavy loss. This information proves that our suggestion and scheme do correct and effective and on our customers and decided to thank the raw materials it strengthen quality management and environmental improvement.
Desiccant products but because from humidity control mould to grow, in no case is a qualitative insufficient, recommends that customers collocation mouldproof piece, mould inhibitor use in control of its reproduction rate, at the same time, direct dip sterilization, Pierce inner mold spores, solve problems in its moldy. For details, please use this site consultation.
Add: above information is the issue of products to our customers a summary analysis, can solve the customer's problem is our consistent desire and attitude, hoping to see information of customers can make a reference. The customers' products export Japan mostly, short time, if to European and American countries suggest collocation container desiccant use, and the overall control, reducing the risk of humidity.
Specification: 10 g: 500 pcs/carton;     25 grams: 400 pcs/carton;    50 g: 200 pcs/carton;     100 g: 100pcs/carton.
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