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food grade silica gel desiccant

  • food grade silica gel desiccant
  • food grade silica gel desiccant
  • food grade silica gel desiccant
  • food grade silica gel desiccant
  • food grade silica gel desiccant
Model No.︰SG1-100g|1000pc
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 0.0016 / pc
Minimum Order︰15000 pc
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Product Description
Girba's silica gel water content is 3%, these desiccants environmental friendly, belong to green pollution-free food grade. The product through the euro REACH, DMF tested and passed export standards to all countries.
These medicinal food grade desiccant shelf life is 18 months, packing materials use DuPont paper, Aihua paper ect high-grade raw materials, these paper can put an end to dust, preventing static, and uses the food grade printing ink printing, non-toxic, clean environmental protection.
The products of our company to use the patent of sex packing design can control all packing in humidity, guarantee product efficacy, not affected by damp damage. To the silica gel desiccant sort is various, can provide OEM generation of labor, such as special specification requirements, please hang down electricity consultation!
Drug food grade silica gel desiccant:
Product characteristics and parameters, such as detailed information please see the other supply information, common desiccant and drug desiccant product packaging requirements is difference at:
1. The drug packaging material license (national health standard)
2. Non-toxic printing ink, printing materials can't contain mercury and other heavy metal components.
3. Raw material must have ROHS, FOOD GRADE TEST, MSDS etc detailed inspection report, guarantee product environmental protection level and can use for food and drugs.
4. It is strictly prohibited to use recycled raw material, reclaim raw materials used, contains lots of repeatedly bacteria and impurities.
5. ISO system quality standards can provide the factory inspection service.

remark:we also have lots of other series of silica gel desiccants /clay desiccants/cacl2 and so on, if interest please feel free to contact us.

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